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Backed by nearly 20 years of experience and success, ReCapturing the Vision’s services are available in four key areas: Programs, Research, Resources and Implementation.



ReCapturing the Vision gives educators the tools they need to redirect the trajectories of children standing at the scratch line and mold them into young men and women of purpose.

Each of our programs focuses on re-engaging students in the learning process and instilling the skills and traits necessary for success. In addition to improving students’ self-esteem, resiliency, attendance, conduct and GPA, while decreasing suspensions, our programs are designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • School Violence and Bullying Prevention
  • Black and Hispanic Male Achievement
  • Marriage Education
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Counseling/Case Management Services


An RTV Student Success Story

All programs can be seamlessly implemented by school districts, churches, community centers, after-school programs, summer camps and other organizations. RTV may also fund a program through grants or donate a pilot to eligible organizations for research purposes. Learn more about our programs.

About Us

Established in 1994, ReCapturing the Vision (RTV) is the force behind a suite of holistic, flexible, culturally-tailored intervention programs proven to help at-risk youth bridge the gap with their more successful counterparts. RTV’s three-tiered Program Model reaches youth in every area of their existence: School/Learning Environment, Home and Community.


School/Learning Environment

Whether you are a school-based, after-school, summer camp, community-based or faith-based organization, RTV offers six turnkey programs that are fully adaptable to your current structure. RTV’s curriculum focuses on teaching real life skills that help students excel in all areas of their life. Curriculum topics include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Life Skills
  • Leadership
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Career Development Skills
  • Communication Skills



RTV integrates the family into its holistic service model. The overall goal is to establish and maintain stability in the home through family mentoring, parent training and the provision of case management and treatment, alcohol and substance abuse prevention services.


The community-at-large can benefit from RTV’s host of comprehensive services by providing training and workshops through developed partnerships with Community and Faith-Based Organizations (CBO/FBO). These partnerships help to create a safety net around the participants who reside in the catchment areas where services are provided.

Our Vision

Started in 1994, ReCapturing the Vision International (RTV) is focused on providing support for at-risk youth to succeed in environments lacking supportive structures to promote their success.


Our vision is one in which every child has an opportunity to succeed. A child who enters school in good health, feels safe and is connected to their school is ready to learn. In order to achieve our vision, we focus on building the supportive structures that create the conditions for learning. In other words, we focus on educating the whole child.


Without a vision, the people fail to find purpose. At ReCapturing the Vision, we have a vision for America’s children and families.


RTV offers an array of comprehensive programs and services focused on character development, healthy relationship education, family mentoring, counseling and case management services, along with referrals for medical, behavioral health and academic services. RTV is committed to breaking generational cycles of at-risk behaviors and empowering America’s youth and families through programs and services that will position them to meet their full potential. Find out more.

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