Vessels of Honor

Not everybody’s “doing it.” Learn why it’s great to wait.

Vessels of Honor teaches students to appreciate their purity and offers effective strategies to help them stick to the high standards they have set for themselves. The program teaches youth how to make the right choices now to get—and stay—on the path to purity.


The curriculum is available in two formats: Standard (book only) and E-Interactive (book plus DVD).

  • Student Workbook
  • Interactive DVD
  • Teacher Classroom Manual
  • Comprehensive Teacher Training
  • Teacher Compliance Tool to monitor teachers’ delivery of curriculum
  • Online surveys and data collection to assist with program evaluation
  • End-of-Year Executive Reports summarizing student outcomes

Program Design

Fully adaptable to complement any existing program structure, Vessels of Honor can also be delivered as its own stand-alone 18- to 36-week course. the program includes modules on STD/HIV education, financial planning, domestic violence and conflict resolution. Once students have completed the lessons, the program culminates in a Vow Ceremony where student reaffirm their commitment to staying pure.

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