The Importance of the Handshake

The handshake is part of the first impression that you make. A poor handshake speaks volumes about your confidence level and personality. Avoid these first impression-killing handshakes:

When you meet the interviewer, you will have the opportunity to shake hands. Your handshake should be firm, quick and confident, but not overpowering. The motion of the shake is up-and-down NOT back-and-forth. A handshake should only last between 1-3 seconds. Allow the other person to release hands first.

  • The Fingertip Shake: Shows lack of an ability to engage.
  • The Arm Pump: Suggests insincerity and phoniness, like an overly aggressive salesman.
  • The Squeeze-Till-It-Hurts: Comes across as overly competitive and domineering. Plus, it hurts.
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