Teacher Compliance Incentive Program

Level 2

Maintaining Your Program

Amount: $300

Due Date: Oct. 1 - Jan. 30

Level 2 tasks can be completed in just 6 Easy Steps. Level 2 tasks are focused on collecting student information to demonstrate program effectiveness, maintaining accurate record-keeping, and monitoring your delivery of the curriculum modules.  All items must be completed in order for you to be eligible to receive the Level 2 incentive. View instructions for each step here.

Step #1: Submit Student Case Plans.

Access students’ previous year grades and behavior records from your district’s reporting system.

Step #2: Access Video Curriculum. (MISSING)

Step #3: Submit Ring Sizer Forms (if applicable).

Step #4: Submit original Sign-In Sheets.

Step #5: Submit Field Trip forms (if applicable).

When you have completed all the steps above you may request your Level 2 incentive.

Request Your Level 2 Incentive Now

You must send original documents via Fedex to ReCapturing the Vision’s office at:

ReCapturing the Vision
11205 South Dixie Hwy
Suite 201
Miami FL 33156

south-florida.png copy

Recapturing the Vision

11205 South Dixie Hwy

Suite 201

Miami FL 33156

Phone: 305.232.6003

Email: info@rtv.org


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