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ReCapturing the Vision’s cutting-edge programs cultivate developmental assets that are proven antidotes to the issues that cripple the positive development of America’s youth. These assets have tremendous power to protect youth from the negative outcomes of TEEN PREGNANCY, ACADEMIC FAILURE, VIOLENCE, GANG ACTIVITY, and CRIME.


The Proof

For more than 15 years, ReCapturing the Vision has consistently replicated these outcomes throughout the third- and fourth-largest school districts in the country:

  • Improve grade point average in approximately 90% of students served
  • Reduce outdoor suspensions for approximately 70% of students served
  • Increase attendance in approximately 60% of students served
  • Reduce indoor suspensions for approximately 90% of students served
  • Improve resiliency as evidenced by nationally valid instrument in approximately 80% of students served
  • Improve self-esteem as evidenced by nationally valid instrument in approximately 90% of students served


Research Partners

Currently, RTV partners with researchers from Nova Southeastern University and Duke University to conduct process evaluations of its programs at sites across the country.

Click here to view current research on RTV programs.


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