Men of Vision

You are born male. You must learn to be men.


Men of Vision is an 18 to 36-week program specifically designed to end the cycle of destructive behavior affecting adolescent males in the nation’s inner cities. Based on proven research from the Search Institute, Men of Vision focuses on the role of developmental assets in improving urban males’ ability to deal with adversity and increasing their chances of life success.

The curriculum develops 20 core assets associated with positive identity formation and resilience. Students follow five very different young men on their individual paths toward manhood. Some will succeed, others will fail. Along the way, students will witness the outcomes of positive and negative decision making. They will also gain valuable lessons in responsibility, conflict resolution, commitment and how to stay focused on the future.

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The curriculum is available in two formats: Standard (book only) and E-Interactive (book plus DVD). As a gender-based program, Men of Vision utilizes the principles of gender-based instruction to create a comfortable, safe environment where youth can share openly and be molded into men of vision.

  • Student Workbook
  • Interactive DVD
  • Teacher Classroom Manual
  • Comprehensive Teacher Training
  • Teacher Compliance Tool to monitor teachers’ delivery of curriculum
  • Online surveys and data collection to assist with program evaluation
  • End-of-Year Executive Reports summarizing student outcomes

Program Design

Fits seamlessly into a home-school, classroom, after-school, summer camp, church or community program as an elective course under personal development and character education; can be adapted to complement existing programs. Aligned with research from the Search Institute on the role of developmental assets in positive youth development, The Men of Vision program is designed to increase students’ internal assets in the following areas:

  • Commitment to Learning
  • Positive Values
  • Social Competencies
  • Positive Identity
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