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Level 3 Instructions

Step-by-Step Explanations

Step #1: Teen Empowerment Summit Registration. RTV’s Teen Empowerment Summit takes place at the end of each academic year. You must register your students to attend by submitting a registration form by the stated deadline.

Step #2: Students must sign-in for each class session utilizing the RTV-provided Sign-In Sheets. You must mail copies of students’ original sign-in sheets at the end of each month. In addition you will need to use the sign-in sheets to input the electronic weekly attendance for each of your students, using the Weekly Attendance Report Form. Sign-in sheets and Weekly Attendance Reports will be audited by RTV staff to ensure that they are consistent with add/drop records. All original attendance sheets and electronic attendance for the course must be received within one week of the last session date.

Step #3: Prior to the program close, you will need to schedule time for your students to complete their Post-Test Surveys. These surveys are identical to the baseline surveys students completed at the start of your program. The results of these surveys will help determine whether your students improved as a result of the course. Ideally, surveys should be taken immediately after the Teen Empowerment Summit field trip.

Step #4: Grades are typically available two weeks after school ends. When the grades are posted, you will need to revisit each Student Case Plan you filled out and fill in the missing information for the current academic year. A completed Student Case Plan Form will contain the requested data for two consecutive academic years.

When you have completed all the steps above you may request your Level 3 Incentive.

A copy of these forms can also be accessed in the Teacher Compliance Forms Library. You must send original documents via Fedex to ReCapturing the Vision’s office at 9780 E. Indigo Street, Suite 302, Miami FL 33157.

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Recapturing the Vision

9780 E. Indigo Street Suite 302

Miami, FL 33157

Phone: 305.232.6003


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