Level 2 Instructions

Step-by-Step Explanations

Level 2 tasks are focused on collecting student information to demonstrate program effectiveness, maintaining accurate record-keeping, and monitoring your delivery of the curriculum modules.

Step #1 Explanation: The Student Case Plan is a form used to collect data on students’ grades, number of absences, and suspensions from the previous academic year. Students enrolled in RTV programs typically improve in each of these areas. At the end of the academic year you will use this information to demonstrate you programs’ effectiveness. If your students show improvement, you will receive a Bonus incentive. You will need to login to your district’s central reporting system to get access to the student data required on this form. This can be time-consuming, so we recommend that you get an early start.

Step #2 Explanation: Your program includes a multimedia enhancement. You will need to play the videos that go along with your curriculum for students in class. Access your videos by clicking on the Access Video Curriculum (DOES NOT WORK) link in the Teacher Corner area of our website. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. If you don’t have a username and password, you will need to contact our office at 305-232-6003. . RTV staff will audit the times and location from which you are logging in to the website to make sure they are congruent with the dates/times of your class meetings. In addition we will monitor the videos you are playing in class to ensure that they are in line with the items on your RTV-provided curriculum map.

Step #3 Explanation: Your program may provide students’ with commitment rings. If so, you will need to submit students’ ring sizes using the Ring Sizer Form.

Step #4 Explanation: Students may continue to be added or un-enrolled in your program throughout the school year. You must immediately notify RTV of any changes to your class roster through use of the Drop/Add Report.

Step #5 Explanation: Students must sign-in for each class session utilizing the RTV-provided Sign-In Sheets. You must mail copies of students’ original sign-in sheets at the end of each month. Sign-in sheets will be audited by RTV staff to ensure that they are consistent with add/drop records. In addition you will need to use the sign-in sheets to input the electronic weekly attendance for each of your students, using the Weekly Attendance Report Form (NEED FORM CODE).

Step #6 Explanation: You must submit the required Field Trip Forms for all of your scheduled field trips by the communicated deadline. Each program will have at least one scheduled field trip per year. Possible field trips include:

  • Etiquette Field Trip
  • Skincare Workshop
  • Makeovers

When you have completed all the steps above you may request your Level 1 incentive.

A copy of these forms can also be accessed in the Teacher Compliance Forms Library.

You must send original documents via Fedex to ReCapturing the Vision’s office at:

ReCapturing the Vision
11205 South Dixie Hwy
Suite 201
Miami FL 33156

south-florida.png copy

Recapturing the Vision

11205 South Dixie Hwy

Suite 201

Miami FL 33156

Phone: 305.232.6003

Email: info@rtv.org


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