Level 1 Instructions

Step-by-Step Explanations

Step #1 Explained: Submit a copy of the Template of School Contract Form signed by your Principal. This form is an agreement between ReCapturing the Vision and your School that outlines the programs and services to be delivered.

Step #2 Explained: Submit a copy of the Match Letter signed by your Principal. A match letter outlines what each partner agrees to contribute to the program in terms of students, teachers, classroom space and materials. The way a match letter works is that a dollar value is assigned to the items the school partner is contributing in order to determine the total value of the school’s in/kind match. Please note that this does not mean the school is paying RTV these monies. It simply cites the value of the items the school is contributing, had they been contributed in dollars.

Step #3 Explained: The Student Enrollment/Release Form must be signed by each student’s parent/guardian and original copies submitted to RTV.

Step #4 Explained: It usually takes several weeks at the beginning of the school year for your class schedule to be finalized. When your class schedule has been finalized, you need to submit the Class Roster Form.

Step #5 Explained: You must submit measurements for each of your students using the Female Measurement Form and the Male Measurement Form. This information will be used to supply your students with career packets and other incentives.

Step #6 Explained: Your students will complete surveys at the beginning of the program to establish a baseline of their abilities. RTV will supply you with the surveys that are appropriate for your program. Surveys can be administered in hard copy or deployed via the online Student Survey Database.

Step #7 Explained: During the first weeks of your program there may be students who are enrolled and un-enrolled in your program. Communicate this information to RTV staff immediately through use of the Add/Drop Form (MISSING).

Step #8 Explained: Students must sign-in for each class session. Submit original copies of students’ Sign-In Sheets at the close of each month. In addition you will need to use the sign-in sheets to input the electronic weekly attendance for each of your students, using the Weekly Attendance Report Form (MISSING).

When you have completed all the steps above you may request your Level 1 incentive.

A copy of these forms can also be accessed in the Teacher Compliance Forms Library.

You must send original documents via Fedex to ReCapturing the Vision’s office at:

ReCapturing the Vision
11205 South Dixie Hwy
Suite 201
Miami FL 33156

south-florida.png copy

Recapturing the Vision

11205 South Dixie Hwy

Suite 201

Miami FL 33156

Phone: 305.232.6003

Email: info@rtv.org


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