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We’ve all been there: absentmindedly flipping through the channels on the TV. until suddenly, the somber gaze of a child catches your attention and in the background, a concerned voice lets you know that for just one dollar a day, little Raul can go to school, drink fresh water, and eat three square meals a day. You feel a pull on your heartstrings as you watch, and you want to do something. But the problem seems just too big.

Miami Killian High School juniors Aaron Del Rosario, 16 and Brandan Rodriguez, 16 did more than just feel sorry—they took action. Several months after watching a 60-Minute feature on a peanut-based substance fortified by vitamins and composed by scientists in their AP Human Geography class, Aaron approached Brandon about starting a campaign at their school to raise $3000 for the fight to combat world hunger through the manufacture and distribution of “Plumpy’Nut.”

Their strategy was simple: get the word out about the campaign through presentations to classes and pass out pledge sheets. The response was overwhelming. The campaign even helped Aaron win a service scholarship to Lesley University. And they have no plans to slow down anytime soon. “We’re looking to establish a Plumpy’Nut fundraising network with other schools and add some more people to the movement. We want to expand and make this really official.”

Learn more about the how Plumpy Nut is saving lives.



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