FL Disclosure Requirements

Section 1003.499(3)(a)7., F.S., requires Providers publish the following information on public websites. Questions about this information can be directed to Recapturing the Vision Institute via info@rtv.org.

Certification status and physical location (state of residence) of all administrative and instructional personnel.

Recapturing the Vision Institute will publish certification status of all instructional and administrative personnel at this location when personnel are hired. At this time, Recapturing the Vision Institute employs instructional personnel or work directly with school districts in FLORIDA.

RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE, administrative offices are located at 9780 E. Indigo Street, Suite 302, Miami, FL 33157.

Hours and times of availability of instructional personnel
Instructional personnel will be available Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm.

Student-teacher ratios
RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE student-teacher ratios will be

Student completion and successful completion rates
2013-14 Course completion rate = 92%
(Defined as % of students persisting in course for duration of semester/year compared to total enrolled)

2013-14 Successful completion rate = 100%
(Defined as % of students passing course compared to those persisting in course)

Student and course performance accountability outcomes
As a supplemental program, RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE does not administer PSAT/SAT/ACT tests or track student scores for these exams.

RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE is beginning implementation in FLORIDA, and as such does not have data for FLORIDA assessments. Any course requiring an assessment will be administered in a proctored environment and reported on this page in subsequent academic years.

Educator performance accountability outcomes
RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE performance and accountability will be reported in compliance with Florida statutes when instructional personnel are in place.

Parent and Student Information Requirements
In accordance with Section 1003.499(3)(a)4., F.S., RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE is providing parents and students with the following information:

How to contact instructor (phone, email, or online messaging tools)
RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE instructors can be contacted via phone, email and course messaging system.

How to contact technical support (phone, email, or online messaging tools)
RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE provides contact information for service requests at www.rtvinstitute.org/customerservice, which includes:
phone number to reach the RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE administrative office phone extensions and voice messaging for RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE employees where students and/or parents can request support.

Contact email address to obtain information and/or support
Access to RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE ’s FAQ’s, technical information and support documentation.

How to contact the administrative office
9780 E. Indigo Street Suite 302
Miami, FL 33157
Phone: (305) 232-6003
Fax: (305) 232-6092
Email: info@rtv.org

Requirement for regular contact with the instructor

RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE courses are autonomous asynchronous courses that require completion of certain activities and associated quizzes and tests to monitor student progress. RECAPTURING THE VISION INSTITUTE students are expected to access their course at least 4 times per week and complete all required activities.


Recapturing the Vision

11205 South Dixie Hwy

Suite 201

Miami FL 33156

Phone: 305.232.6003

Email: info@rtv.org


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