College Application Checklist

Did you know that the college application process takes 3-6 months to complete?


Applying to college is intimidating, time-consuming, and confusing. Each application its own list of requirements, essays, and terms, so without a little organization and patience the process can go from hectic to impossible in no time flat. Below we have a simple checklist of the most common pieces to get you on your way. Whether you are a senior cramming in some last minute applications or a freshman just carving out a college path, it is never too early or too late to plan for your future.

Go through this list and find out if you are on task.


Application Checklist

  • Application. It seems silly to even list this, but with all the other things you have to turn in let’s keep this on this just to be sure.
  • Application Fee. Most schools will have an application fee, but do your homework. Depending on your family’s income level the fee may be waived, or schools might also waive this fee if you apply online.
  • High School Transcripts. This is an official record from your high school that has your grade and GPA information. You can get this from your guidance counselor or the Registrars’ office. If you have guidance counselor get your transcript from them, they are an invaluable resource in the college application process.
  • Official Test Scores. The majority of US schools require you to take a standardized test. Here is more homework for you. Some schools will only accept the SAT, others both the SAT and ACT. Some schools may even require a second test called the SATII this is a subject test designed to measure your mastery on a specific subject. Know what tests you need to take, and be sure to give yourself enough to time to prepare and get the scores to your school in time.
  • Letters of Recommendation. These are letters written by your guidance counselor, teachers, and maybe even employers that give admissions officers more information about the type of person you are. This is why it is so important to make good and lasting impressions on your teachers.
  • Essay. This is by far the most intimidating, yet fun, part of the application. This is your chance to finally talk about yourself. Think about it, your application is all about you based on what other people have to say. The essay is your time to speak out. Don’t let tricky prompts weigh you down by talking about stats, numbers, facts, and issues. Spin topics to reflect your point of view, your life, and your voice.
  • Resume. This is a good thing to have in your application as part of your supplemental (additional) information. This gives admission officers an idea of your level of involvement and commitment.


Download and print your RTV College Application Checklist

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