RTV eMentoring Registration

Register as a Protege and select Your Mentor

RTV welcomes each RTV Student to personally select their mentor. To begin the process, follow these 3 steps:

  1. View each Mentor Video Profile carefully.
  2. Carefully self-evaluate your mentoring needs
  3. Complete the RTV eMentoring Student Registration form below

Understanding your mentoring needs

Before approaching a potential mentor, you need to identify what you hope to gain from a mentoring relationship and what type of a mentor is best for helping you meet your objectives. Start by identifying your short-term personal or career goals. Where do you see yourself in the next year or two? What knowledge, skills, and abilities do you need to get there? What key experiences could a mentor provide that would benefit you most? Answers to these questions will help you identify the type of mentor that is right for you. For example, depending on your goals, you may want to seek a high-ranking executive whose career path you would like to learn from.

Look for someone who is unlike you in some important way.
Our tendency is to gravitate toward those with whom we have a lot in common. But in seeking out a mentor, it is wise to seek out people who have strengths that we lack. For example, if you are a shy and introverted person, seek out someone who is bold and gregarious. Instead of pairing up with someone who will reinforce your weaknesses, find someone who will challenge you to acquire new strengths.

Once you have decided which mentor will be best suited for you, complete the form below to get connected to your mentor. The information you provide on this form will assist us in providing you a positive, successful eMentoring experience.