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ReCapturing The Vision: Men of Vision eLearning Membership

You are born male. You must learn to be Men.

Men of Vision is an 18- to 36-week program specifically designed to end the cycle of destructive behavior afflicting adolescent males in the nation’s inner cities. Based on proven research from the Search Institute, Men of Vision focuses on the role of developmental assets in improving urban males’ ability to deal with adversity and increasing their chances of life success.
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ReCapturing the Vision: EZONE eLearning Membership

Life is a journey. Do you know your destination?

The E-Zone program was specifically developed to empower young people with the life skills they need to achieve lifelong success.  This cutting-edge program is infused with multimedia elements and develops core values associated with positive identity, achievement, motivation, resistance skills, goal-setting, leadership development, and planning and decision-making.
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ReCapturing The Vision: Teen Empowerment eLearning Membership
The dream of ReCapturing the Vision for the myriad of young men and women who take this course is that they will hold their bodies and virtue in this high esteem. As students read about the importance of abstinence, the consequences of premarital sex and the wisdom behind strong and healthy marriages, our desire is that they will value their most precious gift – their bodies. The need for such a course as this is evident in recent statistics that show a rise in Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) among teenagers as well as the research that shows that teenagers who are sexually active are more likely to attempt suicide. This is a timely work that is greatly needed to redirect the mindset of our teens. Teen Empowerment goes beyond the basic boot camp information to give youth the higher level strategies on creating healthy marriages, becoming effective parents, preserving the family unit, coping with divorce and valuing themselves. That so much information could be encapsulated all in one course is indeed a remarkable accomplishment.
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ReCapturing The Vision: eMentoring Membership
The goal of the RTV eMentoring program is to foster a prevalent culture of mentoring; one which empowers middle and high school aged students to persist and succeed in school, at work and in their personal lives. Mentors will provide an array of services and activities, and will serve as a positive role model for young people who need or want a caring, responsible adult in their life. RTV mentors will mold a  developmental relationship in which the youth is inducted into the world of adulthood. The RTV youth are in the driver’s seat in this program. Once registered as a protege, students will screen prospective mentors and match a mentor on the basis of one or more relevant criteria.
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ReCapturing The Vision: Making It Work eLearning Membership
A marriage is the union of two people sharing not only love, but dreams, hopes, and goals. In order for these two people to function as man and wife, they must work together toward build-ing their future. According to the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Model (NERMEM), there are key components that define a healthy marriage. These couples must Choose, Know, Care, Share, Manage, and Connect. Research conducted by NERMEM has shown that a healthy marriage typically exists because couples acquire the skill sets and knowledge that strengthens their relationship. They are wise to choose someone who has similar values and know their mate’s life plan and beliefs. They are able to care by demonstrating affection and share their time and interests. These couples man-age strategies that foster a positive relationship and connect to community ties to draw support from others. People are not born with these skills, so they must learn to utilize them before marriage. In order to commit to building a healthy marriage, both parties must embrace the principles outlined by NERMEM needed to prosper. Each chapter of this course will teach you how to apply one of these principles in order to learn what it takes to establish a healthy relationship. You will develop emotionally as you learn the keys to a healthy relationship.
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