ReCapturing The Vision e-Learning Portal

RTV is pleased to announce the new RTV eLearning Portal, a new platform for the development and delivery of RTV eLearning courses to conveniently meet your personal development needs.

The RTV eLearning Portal provides expert instruction as well as exercises, assessments, and other resources, creating a rich educational experience that is accessible by learners worldwide.

Students – gain credentials that will provide you with personal, social, financial and professional skills for college and future careers. Register and select your eLearning platform today.



  • Learn at your own pace
  • Communicate easily with instructors
  • Access courses 24/7 study at home, school, work , or on the road
  • Promotes class participation






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For Students

Your success depends upon effective education and training, and RTV’s new eLearning platform can help you accomplish your learning goals in a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective format.

RTV currently offers several eLearning courses:

  • Men Of Vision
  • Teen Empowerment
  • Making It Work
  • EZone

For Teachers

ReCapturing the Vision gives educators the tools they need to redirect the trajectories of children standing at the scratch line and mold them into young men and women of purpose. RTV iis offered in Miami dade County Public Schools, the fourth largest school district in the nation. Through the eLearning platform you can shape students everywhere. Register today!

For Parents

Choose RTV to make the most out of your child’s potential. RTV provides your children with the 21st Century learning they need to achieve their goals. Our programs are working for parents and families across the country who want well-rounded, academically successful children with strong character and a plan for their future.