Vessels Of Honor Curriculum Overview

In 2003, this program inspired former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to designate an official “Vessels of Honor Day” in Florida. Today, it continues to redirect the mindset of youth all over the country from “everybody’s doing it” to appreciating their purity.

Chapter 1: Honor

Students learn to identify honorable actions and define their own honorable role models.

Chapter 2: Consequences

This chapter focuses on the consequences of premarital sex, including teen pregnancy, poverty, STDs, and emotional guilt and shame.

Chapter 3: Sexual Conflict Resolution

Students master strategies to combat the peer pressure to engage in premarital sex, including the Sexual Conflict Resolution Method, Refusal Statements and Communication Skills.

Chapter 4: Sexual Abuse

This chapter educates students about situations that threaten their well-being. Students learn about date rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence and what they should do if they find themselves in these threatening situations.

Chapter 5: Finding a Mate that’s Worth the Wait

Students learn about the importance of compatibility in their relationships and have the opportunity to identify the key characteristics of their ideal mate.

Chapter 6: Marriage 101

Students explore the various qualities that are inherently important to a healthy marriage and learn strategies for dealing with conflict in a relationship.

Chapter 7: Family, Parenting, and Divorce

Students explore the roles of each family member and examine the generational implications of parenting and divorce.

Chapter 8: Healthy Marriages

Students learn techniques to deal with conflict in a marriage and discuss the emotional standoffs that are barriers to maintaining a happy marriage.