Raise the Standard Curriculum Overview

Unit 1: Self-Esteem

Equips students to deal with people and situations that threaten their self-esteem. They will learn through stories, projects, and skits how to love and value themselves for who they are.

Unit 2: Responsibility

Emphasizes responsibility at school and home. Students will learn how being responsible now is vital preparation for their future.

Unit 3: Loving and Caring

Students are taught the power of charity, empathy, forgiveness, and cooperation and the need to demonstrate love and affection to the people in their lives.

Unit 4: Breaking the Cycle of Prejudice

Students will identify stereotypes in their culture, discuss their prejudices and share items from their cultural heritage of which they are proud.

Unit 5: Peer Pressure—Saying “No” to Sex, Violence, and Drugs

After reading and discussing real-life scenarios, students will be equipped with effective strategies to say “no” to sex, violence, and drugs.

Unit 6: Conflict Resolution

Provides students with conflict resolution techniques which focus on negotiation, compromise, and assertiveness as viable alternatives to violence.

Unit 7: Honesty

Activities in this unit are designed to show students how honesty impacts every aspect of their lives and help them critically examine the messages regarding the value of honesty in popular culture.

Unit 8: Manners & Etiquette

Students will be taught the fundamentals of good manners and etiquette in a variety of settings including dining at a restaurant, speaking on the phone and interpersonal interaction.

Unit 9: Hygiene & Grooming

Students learn about the changes taking place in their bodies and how to always put their best foot forward.