Men Of Vision Curriculum Overview

The program focuses on seven attributes, or “degrees of manhood” that help urban males improve their resiliency and ability to cope. Each chapter discusses one of those attributes in detail and includes: Vision, Wisdom, Responsibility, Integrity, Self-Control, Strength & Endurance, and Love & Commitment.

Chapter 1: Vision and Chapter 3: Responsibility

These chapters nurture a commitment to learning and provide the motivation to fuel students through the paces of hard work that will be required in order to successfully complete the Men of Vision program.

Chapter 2: Wisdom and Chapter 4: Integrity

These chapters instill positive morals and values that assist students in constructing the parameters that will guide their decision-making.

Chapter 5: Self-Control and Chapter 7: Love & Commitment

These chapters help students develop life skills such as conflict resolution, communication skills and strategies to resist peer pressure.

Chapter 1: Vision and Chapter 6: Strength and Endurance

These chapters include many empowering activities that help students develop a strong sense of identity and self-worth.