Making It Work FAQ

What does the program teach?

Making It Work is a healthy relationship training and marriage education program. Based on research from the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Network, the program focuses on teaching youth the principles of healthy relationships in an age-appropriate way. Students receive access to The Marriage University, an online relationship training center that features interactive instruction and role modeling activities.

How much does the program cost?

The comprehensive program including teacher/student textbooks, teacher training, and wraparound services, costs less than $70 per student (minimum order applies). Student workbooks can be purchased individually for $34.95 each. Contact RTV’s office for customized package pricing.

How is the program structured?

The program can be mapped for delivery across the course of a semester (18 weeks), school year (36 weeks), or short-form (8-12 weeks). RTV will provide assistance with mapping out your curriculum to fit your program structure and hit all benchmarks necessary to achieve program outcomes.


RTV offers flexible pricing options to fit your desired implementation. Contact our office for details.