Curriculum Overview

Chapter 1: Who Am I
The foundation of a relationship is knowledge of self. This chapter teaches students to fall in love with who they are on the inside and outside.

Chapter 2: Knowing What I Believe
This chapter teaches students that if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Students define the morals and values that will govern their lives.

Chapter 3: You’re Worth the Wait
Featuring a candid discussion of the consequences of sex outside marriage, this chapter provides students with practical strategies to deal with barriers to abstinence.

Chapter 4: Choosing a Mate
This chapter emphasizes the importance of compatibility when choosing a mate and helps students define their non-negotiables when it comes to the areas that are foundational to a healthy relationship.

Chapter 5: Relationship Guidelines
This chapter introduces the Marital Constitution, a concrete statement of facts and expectations that will govern the marriage. Students also learn about domestic violence and abuse.

Chapter 6: Healthy Marriages
Students learn techniques to deal with conflict in a marriage. This chapter also discusses the various emotional standoffs that are barriers to maintaining a healthy marriage.