Making It Work

How can two people travel together if they don’t agree on a direction?

Escalating divorce rates are an indication that many people are not making the right choices when it comes to choosing a spouse, nor are they prepared to stand by their commitments. Marriage is about much more than love and goose bumps; it is about a life-long commitment to your partner. Making It Work teaches teens that choosing a mate is among the most important decisions they will make in their lives.  Learning how to be a good partner begins with learning the principles of healthy relationships. In this interactive workbook, students master strategies to find a compatible partner and learn how to establish the protocols that will govern their interaction.

Sample Video from “Making It Work” Curriculum : “Reclaiming My Confidence”


The Making It Work program is available in a Standard format. The comprehensive program includes:

  • Student Workbook
  • Marriage Minutes video modules to reinforce learning
  • Teacher Classroom Manual
  • Comprehensive Teacher Training
  • Teacher Compliance Tool to monitor teachers’ delivery of curriculum
  • Online surveys and data collection to assist with program evaluation
  • End-of-Year Executive Reports summarizing student outcomes

Program Design

Making It Work is an ideal tool for healthy relationship and marriage education. Based on research conducted by the National Extension Relationship & Marriage Education Network (NERMEN), the curriculum offers practical instruction on the skills necessary to succeed in marriage and prepares students for healthy relationships.  Through discussion of NERMEN’s 6 principles of healthy relationships, students will learn how to:

  • Choose a compatible mate
  • Understand their mate’s life plan and beliefs
  • Share their time and interests
  • Manage strategies that foster a positive relationship
  • Connect to support networks