E-Zone FAQ

Who is the program designed for?

The program is designed for middle and high school age youth.

What does the program teach?

Divided into six levels, the curriculum develops core values associated with positive identity, achievement motivation, resistance skills, planning and decision-making, healthy relationships, and leadership ability. E-Zone’s companion website, RTV-eSquared.com offers students a cutting-edge, interactive e-curriculum with online tie-in activities where students receive incentives for successfully navigating each level of the program.

How much does the program cost?

The comprehensive program including teacher/student textbooks, an interactive DVD, access to the E-Squared web site, teacher training, and wraparound services, costs less than $70 per student. Student workbooks can be purchased individually for $34.95 each. Contact RTV’s office for detailed pricing information.

How is the program structured?

There are 164 pages of content in the student workbook. The program can be mapped for delivery across the course of a semester (18 weeks), school year (36 weeks), or summer (10 weeks) and classed under P.E. or Homeroom as a course-for-credit.

How can I review a sample?

View sample lessons by clicking here. A 14-day guest login to RTV-eSquared.com can also be requested by emailing rtvprograms@gmail.com.