EZONE Curriculum Overview

Level 1: Identity Quest

Builds self-esteem and empowers students with a strong sense of identity and self-worth.

Level 2: Conflict Resolution

Students learn that conflict is inevitable in life while gaining effective conflict strategies to help them deal with life’s challenges.

Level 3: Vision

Students learn how to conceptualize their plan for the future and create a solid game plan to make it happen. Includes a career aptitude test and  practical advice on setting goals and developing a plan that will implement their vision.

Level 4: Earning Your Way

Students learn the rules for flourishing in a professional setting. Includes resume tips, mock interview practice and role-play scenarios that develop students’ work ethic.

Level 5: Love and Relationships

Students learn appropriate dating protocol, the importance of compatibility when choosing a life partner to share their vision, and the value of honoring themselves and their partner.

Level 6: Leadership

Asks students to consider the impact they will make on the outside world. Teaches students how to be a leader at home, school and in the community.

EZONE eLearning Course