Life is a journey. Do you know your destination?

The E-Zone program was specifically developed to empower young people with the life skills they need to achieve lifelong success.  This cutting-edge program is infused with multimedia elements and develops core values associated with positive identity, achievement, motivation, resistance skills, goal-setting, leadership development, and planning and decision-making.

E-Zone’s companion web site, RTV-eSquared.com, offers online tie-in activities and virtual modules on relevant topics, such as cyberbullying and sexting, that supplement and reinforce lessons. There, students can also earn incentives for successfully mastering the material.


RTV’s E-Zone program engages students through three creative strategies that work together to produce synergistic instruction — a student workbook, an interactive DVD, and online tie-in activities delivered through E-Zone’s companion web site. The comprehensive program includes:

  • Student Workbook
  • Interactive DVD
  • Subscription to companion website, RTV-eSquared.com, featuring reinforcement activities and college resources
  • Incentives to reward students for their progress through the curriculum
  • Teacher Classroom Manual
  • Comprehensive Teacher Training
  • Teacher Compliance Tool to monitor teachers’ delivery of curriculum
  • Online surveys and data collection to assist with program evaluation
  • End-of-Year Executive Reports summarizing student outcomes

Program Design

Fits seamlessly into a home-school, classroom, after-school, summer camp, church or community program as an elective course under personal development and character education; can be adapted to complement existing programs.