RTV Programs

SINCE 2003, ReCapturing the Vision (RTV) programs have helped transform more than 75 public schools in some of the largest school districts around the country.

ReCapturing the Vision (RTV) programs have helped transform more than 75 public schools in some of the largest school districts around the country.

Programs include:

Vision Smart Kids (VSK) – ReCapturing the Vision (RTV) delivers after school services to strengthen academic performance as well as summer camp programs providing a safe and memorable, fun filled summer break for our students. Summer time is a great opportunity for us to continue assisting our student’s to stay on track and avoid the summer slide. We introduce daily literature through both of our programs maximizing the time with our students as we help them reach their full potential.

Men of Vision – designed for middle and high school age youth, this program teaches young, urban males invaluable lessons about life planning, job preparation, fatherhood and a successful transition into manhood.

Vessels of Honor – focuses on character building, dealing with peer pressure, preventing disease and teen pregnancy, as well as the importance of forming healthy relationships and compatibility.

E-Zone – equips teens with developmental assets, including positive identity formation, conflict resolution, goal setting and leadership skills, all essential to negotiating a successful journey in life.

Capturing the Vision – molds young ladies into successful women by instilling positive attitudes, conflict-resolution skills, and helping them to discover their talents and career paths.

Raise the Standard – teaches elementary-age youth lessons in responsibility, honesty, conflict-resolution and peer pressure in a constructive, age-appropriate environment.

Making It Work – teaches youth how to cultivate healthy relationships, discover their life goals and develop the core elements necessary for a healthy marriage.


All of RTV’s programs are based on proven research from the Search Institute  on the role of developmental assets in promoting youth success. These developmental assets are protective factors that have tremendous power to redirect youth from the negative outcomes of TEEN PREGNANCY, ACADEMIC FAILURE, VIOLENCE, GANG ACTIVITY and CRIME.

All of of RTV’s programs help empower youth by instilling developmental assets including:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Planning and Decision-Making
  • Resistance Skills
  • Peaceful Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Power
  • Self-Esteem
  • Sense of Purpose
  • Positive View of Personal Future

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A fundamental goal of all of RTV’s programs is to re-engage students in their education. For more than 15 years, The Thurston Research Group has tracked RTV’s program outcomes. The following results have been consistently reproduced across diverse populations of students attending schools in Miami-Dade, Broward and Orange County school districts:

  • Improve grade point average in approximately 90% of students served
  • Reduce outdoor suspensions for approximately 70% of students served
  • Increase attendance in approximately 60% of students served
  • Reduce indoor suspensions for approximately 90% of students served
  • Improve resiliency as evidenced by nationally valid instrument in approximately 80% of students served
  • Improve self-esteem as evidenced by nationally valid instrument in approximately 90% of students served

Students’ knowledge, attitudes and beliefs have also shown improvement in the following areas: STD knowledge; benefits of delaying sex; drug use and knowledge; attitudes toward conflict; incidences of conflict; attitudes toward marriage; and relationship skills.


RTV programs are designed as a package that can be implemented over the course of a half-semester, semester or year. The programs’ modular design allows it to fit any program structure. Learn how RTV’s programs can help you make a difference in young people’s lives.