Building Strong Marriages

Check out these interactive games to diagnose the state of your union and learn tips and strategies to get you through the rough spots.

What to Do When You’re Mad : Learn tricks for calming anger when your spouse sends you through the roof in this upbeat interactive comic strip.


Be a First-Rate Listener : Develop the skills to be a first-rate  listener. Learn to identify the features that make for Effective Listening while laughing along with these light-hearted scenes.

Bacon Grease


What to Do When Arguments Get Heated : Clear, simple interactive instructional activity teaches the why’s and how to’s for exiting before tensions get out of control. This activity is a must for anyone in a relationship where arguments get heated.

Exiting Class


Family Facts: Quiz show games teach statistical information about the value of marriage and relationship safety.



Are you a Super Supporter? : What makes a super supporter? Learn how to coach loved ones through challenging times.

Support Class