Consulting Services

We define the strategy and the management principles and practices that drive effective Education and professional development. We translate the individual vision and bring to each project our expertise and an understanding of challenges facing districts and educators. As a result, we are able to provide innovate, carefully tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We facilitate intensive professional development and research-based best instructional practices based upon identified needs and relevant data in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership development
  • Community integration
  • Building a cohesive team
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • Capacity building
  • Effective professional learning communities
  • Management
  • Instructional strategies
  • Visioning
  • Cultivating a network of teachers
  • Teacher recruitment
  • Employee support
  • Privatization
  • Enrollment strategies
  • Restructuring operations
  • Improving school climate
  • Data analysis
  • Driving high expectations for learning
  • Collaborative teams

Allow our team to customize a menu of services that will help you reach your individual or district-wide goals. Simply call 305-232-6003,  and a RTV representative will be happy to work with you to structure the services that you need.