ReCapturing The Vision International

Started in 1994 by Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, ReCapturing the Vision International (RTV) is focused on providing support for at-risk youth to succeed in environments lacking supportive structures to promote their success. Our vision is one in which every child has an opportunity to succeed. A child who enters school in good health, feeling safe and connected to their school is ready to learn. In order to achieve our vision, we focus on building the supportive structures that create the conditions for learning. In other words, we focus on educating the whole child.

RTV offers an array of comprehensive programs and services focused on character development, healthy relationship education, family mentoring, counseling and case management services, along with referrals for medical, behavioral health and academic services.

ReCapturing The Vision Teacher

I Am A Teacher

Here at RTV, we depend on our teachers to deliver our message of positivity and hope to our students.


I Am A Parent

Find resources to help you develop your parenting skills and gain tools to help you build a strong marriage.


I Am A Student

Information for high school students on college, health and fitness, career choices and more.

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Recognized as a Best Practice Program Model by the Florida Department of Health

ReCapturing the Vision (RTV) programs have helped transform more than 75 public schools in some of the largest school districts around the country. RTV gives educators the tools they need to redirect the trajectories of children standing at the scratch line and mold them into young men and women of purpose. Each of our programs focuses on re-engaging students in the learning process and instilling the skills and traits necessary for success.

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